How Wildfires are Detected in the United States

Many states have their own agencies responsible for wildfire detection. For states with large rural and mountainous areas, wildfire detection can be a 24/7 affair. Departments of Forestry often employ rangers and other fire scouts who constantly inspect areas for the presence of fires. Rangers use stationary forts located above the treeline as well as small aircraft to look for wildfires.

Law enforcement helicopters are sometimes also used to look for wildfires. Infrared devices mounted on the helicopters can indicate a fire that Read more

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Wildfire Risks to a Human’s Health

In some areas of the country, annual wildfires are a common and natural occurrence. While these fires are essential to the health and vitality of the areas they burn, they can be a considerable hazard to human health.


The enormous volumes of smoke produced by a single wildfire can make breathing both difficult and harmful. This smoke can spread for miles, blanketing nearby towns and cities. Inhalation of the smoke can exacerbate allergies, asthma and bronchitis. It can even cause such severe respiratory distress that hospitalization is required.You can find a quick rundown Wild Fires Rage In Northern Minnesota, Wisconsin

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